Sunday, July 31, 2011

Super Hip Rag Quilt

And now, a word from my non-sponsor...

Ever since I started making quilts, I have used the blue painter's tape for basting.  You know, taping the back onto the floor then poking a gazillion pins in the top to keep all the layers together. 
Well I have recently been quite um...unhappy... with the results.  It *may* have had something to do with the fact that I paid like 4 cents for a roll of the blue stuff.  But NOW!  Now GREEN is the new blue.  I found some Frog Tape (quite spendy) but it worked like a charm. 

Especially if you're using it on chenille, flannel, or right infront of the AC vent where the air just keeps blowing the tape to smitherines.  I heart Frog Tape.  Now if I could just get paid for that little bit...

 My latest commissioned quilt was this super hip 'n funky rag quilt.  It's for a baby girl but you can't tell.  And that's cool.  Because if baby girl gets a baby brother someday... no need to pack up the quilt.  And that is what every quilt-maker wants - lots of usage. 

So I started the usage train with my own baby perched atop. 

I just love this color combination.  So unexpected (for me!).  Very bright and happy. 
I feel like these are the kinds of quilts that make sewing and quilting cool.  Because, you know, some people think it's not. 

Some might think I take too many pictures of my baby on quilts.

 Including the baby. 

 But isn't that what babies are for?

 Taking close-ups of adorable wrist-rolls and tiny toes?

Yeah, I thought so.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Science + Quilts

An update on the homemade soft scrub:
     Don't fill your container all the way to the top.  A fun science experiment with baking soda - yes.  Cleaning it off of the hardwood floors in the closet where it was kept - not as fun.  Give it a little breathing room when you fill your container with the magic potion.

The Yo Gabba Gabba quilt is complete and on it's way to the birthday girl!   I know I've said it a bajillion times but this quilt was so. much. fun.  Incase you couldn't tell by my profile picture, I love rainbow quilts!

And a stripey bias-cut binding.  YAY!  The only thing I wish I had more time for on this quilt was hand quilting in the rainbow colors around each block.  That would have made me keep it instead of sending it to the owner so I guess that's a good thing.

(Random off-topic rant - what is up with blogger?  All of my pictures look blurry and dark and I'm getting emails about people not being able to comment.  Sorry for the fuzzy images and disabled comments.  Hopefully it is fixed soon.)

Moving on, a lovely shabby chic rag quilt for a looooovely customer.  I wish we could have a big Etsy reunion with clients.  It's amazing the friendships that form just over chatting about quilts and babies.  I have had the privilege of meeting some of the nicest people under the sun.  To think that God opened up this avenue for me with a needle and thread is really unbelieveable.  

The soon-to-be mama is decorating her daughter's nursery with a shabby chic style and incorporating antique tea cups.  How adorable would that be?!   And why didn't I think of that!  Anyway I found the most perfect embroidery pattern by Catherine over at Bumpkin Bears & Friends on Etsy.  It's a cute little bunny peeking out of a stack of teacups.  So a very simple label turned into a 7" square on the back of the quilt.  I sewed and snipped it in a rag-style to match the front. 

I really hope your summer is lots of fun.  One of my favorite things about summer time as a mama is letting the girls stay up late, catching lightning bugs, and drinking lemonade.  They truly love the simple things which I am very grateful for.  These days are so wonderful, I am so blessed.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Banner Day

Another Independence Day Parade!  I love this neighborhood and the sense of community on this day.  See that Lady Liberty down there in the right hand corner?  Where else are you going to get that?!  And yep, The Banner made it's second appearance.  I got a little nervous the day before when I couldn't remember where I stored it from last year... and the rods to hold it.  But it all worked out, thank goodness!

Another memory rag quilt has been made.  This one for a bridal shower gift.  The gift-giver asked the bride and groom questions about each other (first meeting, when they fell in love, future as parents,etc) and also included pictures with their answers.  FUN!  The fabric was Gypsy Bandana which was a great color combo to work with.  Love them blues and greens!

Today we replenished the faux-soft-scrubbing cleaner.   Remember my resolution for 2011 was to make my own laundry detergent?  A friend and I did just that and more back in February.  I have to make more of it but this was even easier and my bathroom is way gross. 

Frosting you say?  Great, as soon as you put the camera down I'll be chowing down on this stuff.
It's a hazy, hot, and humid day today so we are in for most of the time.  The kiddies really liked helping with this one.  I love this finished product and use it all the time.  I basically dump a box of baking soda in a 4-cup bowl, add some detergent and stir until it's a frosting-like consistency.

 Once you get the desired gooy consistency and have successfully washed out your toddler's mouth, spoon it into a safe place (where it won't be mistaken as frosting in the future).  I use a mason jar and make sure the lid is screwed on crazy tight.

Now go clean your bathroom!