Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Scenes of Summer

I was really excited to make a quilt for a local out of her sorority tshirts.  About 99% of the time I send the quilt in the mail and never get to see the recipient or their reaction to their new quilt.  Well this is one of those rare opportunities where I got to meet, plan, and give the finished quilt to the new owner.

I really liked the back with her sorority's... I wanna say... name?  Chapter?  Section? Grouping?  I don't have a clue what they're called.  Obviously I was not in the Greek scene back in the college days.  One extra drinking commitment would have probably killed me.

Taking the summer relaxation thing to a whole new level, Nino is really duding it up these days.  His new favorite word is "awesome" which is usually accompanied by the phrase "check it out, mama".  Yep.  My little dude is perfectly boyish.  We were able to cut the surfer hair when hubs went out of town but it didn't take the surfer out of the boy.

My garden!  It actually looks like a garden!  Last year was SUCH a bummer.  No rain, crazy heat, and a lazy gardener did not bode well for my little seedlings.  This year however we were pretty confident that it could only get better.  And it has!

Awesome, check it out!  haha.  I see a ton of tiny tomatoes right down there.  And the pole beans are actually growing up the poles!  I find it quite interesting when they do what they're supposed to do.  I mean, how the heck do seeds know that they are supposed to climb instead of bush out?  I realize that's like a 3-yr-old question, but you gotta admit it is rather amazing.

Even the dog is impressed.  Owen doesn't know what to think of me.  Even the compost was so awesome that a few zucchini plants sprang out of it.  Hello!  I will probably come to regret this soon as they are huge stinking plants that are taking over my sweet little carrots.

And finally it was (probably) our last Independence Day parade here.  We're thinking of selling the house and getting some land.  I mean, we can't let all this gardening prowess go to waste!  Where's my tractor?

Anyhoo, we updated the banner one (last?) time to reflect the 45 years our neighborhood parade has taken place.  The rain held off just long enough so that we could all come together to leisurely stroll down Braewick, wave to our fans, and jam our faces with a few cupcakes.  My parents came in town for the event and were not disappointed.  It's everything a small Americana parade should be.  Neighborly chatting, kids with 7 lollipops at a time, drippy watermelon chins, kids braving their new bikes without training wheels... There are even some super ambitious families who dress up as famous American heroes.  Oh it is all kinds of wonderful.  We're such suckers for these things that we'll probably come back for it next year.  I DO have sign responsibility, after all.

Wishing you a very happy summer.  Frankly I'm more of an autumn person myself.  The Ohio humidity and mosquitoes aren't so great.  So it's fun and all but I'll be in a better mood when the temperature eases back down to 70.