Sunday, July 31, 2011

Super Hip Rag Quilt

And now, a word from my non-sponsor...

Ever since I started making quilts, I have used the blue painter's tape for basting.  You know, taping the back onto the floor then poking a gazillion pins in the top to keep all the layers together. 
Well I have recently been quite um...unhappy... with the results.  It *may* have had something to do with the fact that I paid like 4 cents for a roll of the blue stuff.  But NOW!  Now GREEN is the new blue.  I found some Frog Tape (quite spendy) but it worked like a charm. 

Especially if you're using it on chenille, flannel, or right infront of the AC vent where the air just keeps blowing the tape to smitherines.  I heart Frog Tape.  Now if I could just get paid for that little bit...

 My latest commissioned quilt was this super hip 'n funky rag quilt.  It's for a baby girl but you can't tell.  And that's cool.  Because if baby girl gets a baby brother someday... no need to pack up the quilt.  And that is what every quilt-maker wants - lots of usage. 

So I started the usage train with my own baby perched atop. 

I just love this color combination.  So unexpected (for me!).  Very bright and happy. 
I feel like these are the kinds of quilts that make sewing and quilting cool.  Because, you know, some people think it's not. 

Some might think I take too many pictures of my baby on quilts.

 Including the baby. 

 But isn't that what babies are for?

 Taking close-ups of adorable wrist-rolls and tiny toes?

Yeah, I thought so.


  1. There is no such thing as "too many" photos of baby+quilt!

    Also, I adore the expression "perched atop."

  2. He is too handsome,how could one resist. Oh and ADORE the quilt too!!

  3. Love Baby Boy's smile! He looks just like his sisters when they were babes.


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