Saturday, January 5, 2013

It's been fun, 2012

Twenty-six quilts in 2012.  Nearly all of them were custom quilts which just totally warms my heart.  I'm so honored that people continue to trust me with their special projects that will one day be heirlooms for their family.  It is such a privilege.  

So before looking ahead, I thought I'd share some end of the year things I worked on...

A new Christmas tree skirt and table runner.  Quite nice to put together a project in the morning and have it completed by the end of naptime.  I have put away all the Christmas decorations except the table runner.  Guess I have to make another one now.  

I had high hopes of making a Christmas quilt for us.  I wanted it to include Nutcracker embroidery from The Floss Box on Etsy along with Kate Spain's new Christmas fabric, Joy and Aneela Hoey's Cherry Christmas.  

I was so very close to getting my 4 embroidered panels complete.  But this picture was taken Christmas night... didn't quite make it!  I'm still going to work on it and plan on cuddling under it next Christmas.  

Baby boy received about eleventy gagillion cars, trucks ("gucks"), and other things with wheels this holiday.  I thought it the perfect time to try out Ashley's tutorial from Film in the Fridge for her fabric buckets.  It was fantastic.  Just perfect for what we needed.  I think I'll make more for blocks, board books, and other miscellaneous things that get lost in the toy box.  

I also made some soft-bottom shoes for a lucky 6-12 month old.  Totally slacked in making shoes for the baby and now his feet are too big for them.  The pieces were cut out a long time ago, but I just now got around to finishing them... So they are for sale in the shop!

You may remember my Adam Pillow from last time.  Well mister man needed a bib to match so I had a lot of fun making this for him as well.  Backed with white chenille and a magnetic clasp to boot.  I hope he has many happy drools on it.

Looking ahead to 2013 now, this banner was my first finish of the new year.  Another custom order which was really fun to make.  Banners are always so stinkin' happy.  This was great and I will certainly be making more!  So great to have this bright burst of color here in overcast January.

A memory quilt for a special little boy from his jammies, clothes, and blankets.  He had a great idea with the rainbow and I have totally loved putting it together.  His brother also has a quilt coming but it will be completely different.  So excited to show you all when it looks a little more like a quilt and not a pile of squares.

Finally I would just like to share some sweet memories that we've made outdoors this winter.  It really is a special time to get outside.  It may be cold (oh it's for sure cold here) and totally inconvenient to get bundled up and go out... but it is so worth it.  The fresh air, the exercise, the treasures that you are bound to find....

These memories will last a lifetime.  I still have to force myself to go outside every single day.  It's my personal challenge.  Let's go explore this great big world! Then come inside and cuddle under a special warm quilt.  It's a win win!