Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sewing Things

It has been a very wonderfully busy time of year.   It's so humbling to think of all the things I've been making and where they are headed in the world.  I have said before how I pray over each item as I'm sewing and the recipient.  Sometimes they are babies, sometimes they are great-grandmas.  Each client has a beautiful story of the baby shower coming up or the reunion they will soon attend.  Sometimes I think I should just mind my own business and not be so dang nosy. 
But over the six-ish years I've been making custom items, it's the people that keep me engaged.  I can sew all day long for someone that tells me the littlest tidbit of their life.  I love their stories and what is happening in their corner of the world.  It's so fascinating to me to think of what everyone is busy doing with their days. 
Side note: I used to think there was a little girl named Allison who was exactly my age and lived on a farm living a parallel life with me.  That doesn't even make sense, but I guess it shows I've always been thinking about people and their goings-on.  Even fake people!

So here we have a little baby Kate who is yet to be born.  Mama likes purple and gray.  The bunting is going in the nursery after the shower and baby Kate will fill out that onesie all too soon.

The rustic churn dash quilt is for a little boy in Canada.  His mama had a baby girl not too long ago and then !! Surprise!!  Baby boy came along.  OH those are the best stories.  I love surprises!  Especially baby surprises. 

Baby Autumn was born at the correct time of year.  Thank you, dear.  I just happened to have masses of yellow matching leaves sitting in a neat little pile near my photo shoot area.  My little nature detectives love the yellow maples leaves. 

My own baby surprise likes to come see me do my sewings.  Apparently patchwork squares work well to line up cars before they race. 

Who knew?

This sweet commission was one of the coolest quilts I've made in a while!  Sadly I don't know too much about the client (except she has a beautiful name and was really patient with some slow fabric delivery) but she has a keen eye for gorgeous fabric.  This was made with Amy Butler's Cameo line.  Each side is a large rectangle with 8" border.  So it is pretty much reversible, depending on if you are in the mood for navy or aqua.  Fantastic idea!  I'd love to make about a thousand of these to change out with the seasons and give as gifts. 

This little daisy chain sampler has been by the couch for about a year now.  Yikes!  I was going pretty well at a letter a day.  And then I met some hexagons and fell in love.  And then I fell out of love with the hexagons and picked this up again.  My 'R' got a little out of hand.  It's lookin' large, but oh well.  This is for me.  I'd like to frame it and hang it in the sewing room.  My daughter wants it as a pillow but I might have to turn that request down. 

I mean, really kid, I have kept NOTHING that I've sewn over my many many years of sewing.  Nothing. 

And finally we have Matilda who is a little girl in England and is severely disabled.  A friend is taking her this pillow to brighten up her room in hopes of bringing her a little joy.  My gosh, what a sweet heart to think of color and happiness for this girl.  I do pray that you will feel loved and at peace, little Matilda.  God bless you!
Thanks for coming along on my little sewing tour today.  It was lovely to have you!  This next month will probably be a whirlwind as well.  These days just fly by too fast.  It's so nice to sit and chat and see what has been taking place. 
I love winter and being snowed in. I'm so excited to settle into the dark winter months and our cozy rhythm of the home.  Fires, candles, lots of quilts and snuggles under them. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The {other} side of Homeschooling

So after writing about all the wonderful things that I feel about Charlotte Mason and homeschooling over here I felt it only fair I should divulge the other details as well.

Lately I've been thinking about consequences to choices.  Mostly because I have children and I want them to learn that there are always consequences.  Good and bad.  When you choose to follow something, it means another thing will get left behind.  There are always natural reactions to our actions. 

When I chose to homeschool, I miss out on getting together with friends. I admit there is a pang of jealousy when I see Instagrams of friends getting together for brunch or coffee while their kids are in school.  I miss out on serious "me" time.  THINK of the sewing I could get done if my kids were away at school! AHH! Lately it has extended beyond selfish measures to where I am missing out on some awesome ministry opportunities. 

I have a heart to serve women who are held captive by chains of injustice.  Women who don't know their worth and how precious they are and choose to do things that harm their bodies and their hearts.  I've been volunteering monthly or so for weekend events to minister to these women.  We try to do some creative things that aren't uber geeky but yet lets them know just how much we (and Jesus, above all) love them. 

And now there are weekday/morning meetings for them to gather with my good friends.  Oh the potential to reach out to these women in those meeting times.  My heart has been aching to be there and hang out with them.  I really want to know them and listen to them and give them great big hugs.

So then I realize that this too is a selfish matter.  That Jesus is able to meet these women without me.  These gatherings with friends and "the women" (as we'll call them) are not for me at this time.  If I were to drop homeschooling and attend these meetings, it would be for me and my glory, since I have not been called to be there.  Ick. 

So I will deal with feeling left out and left behind.  I will be grateful that we are able to homeschool and do all those really fabulous things I spoke about before.  When I chose to open the Homeschool door, most of the other Weekday Fun doors closed. 

My prayer is that I will continue, day by day and year by year to seek the Lord's will for this family.  Someday He may say this homeschool gig has been great but it's time to focus on ministry.  I don't know.  I DO know that I don't want to be like Jonah and disobey Him for my own desires.

If you are thinking of taking a leap, first seek His will for your life.  He has a wonderful plan for each of us.  It's true!   

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Rhea's Memory Quilt

I adore making memory quilts.  Relationships are big to me and making a custom memory quilt with a new client is my very happy place.
Especially when there is a good story attached.


Sweet Rhea and her brother lost their dear mama not long ago and I had the honor of making a memory quilt for each of them.  Well, she insisted the brother came first and Rhea's will come next. 

Mama loved color and bright clothing so I thought it was appropriate to incorporate that into the quilt.  Knowing this was going to be for a man I wanted to keep it masculine as well. 

I went with the color spectrum/rainbow layout. 

The back is warm green flannel with some extra squares down the side. 

It was really nice to get to know Rhea and her family through this journey.  I'm excited that I can continue to work with her and make something a little bit different but with the same clothes (I kept the fronts for the brother and saved the back of each clothing piece for her.) 

Included in this memory quilt are swimsuits, leather handbag pieces, sweaters, pants, tshirts, dresses, and other clothing.  The textures are my favorite part.  Lycra, cotton, spandex, leather... it was so fun to touch.

Memory quilts always allow me the chance to slow down and think about family.  The client's family I'm working with as well as my own.  I create these with peace in my heart and a prayer on lips.  I try to be timely but can't help but slow down and take a pause every so often as I consider the lives that will be touched by this quilt. 

I do pray that it will bring comfort and peace to the memories of her.  Love and blessings to you and your families.