Saturday, October 10, 2009

Quilt Parade

Fall Quilt Festival time! Well, it's kind of a quilt...

I mean, I worked hard, planned the layout and really stretched myself with that dang red in there! But are rag quilts really QUILTS? Well, this one IS because I like it and am totally loving the colors! I can't tell you how I agonized over the red.

Back of quilt. Love that blue!

Enter Bubbles. This was the puppet commission I had been working on for three weeks. It was cool to try a new thing, experiment, learn some puppet stuff. God has opened so many unexpected doors for me!

Bubbles's daddy wanted to do the facial features - no, it's not a blind rabbit puppet.

I was having serious quilt withdrawls. So I pulled the Manzanita charms off the shelf and got a little crazy. Really my only goal was to get this thing done in as little time as possible just for the sake of:
1.) Sewing and
2.) Playing with fabric and colors again.

Hence the quickie rag quilt. Except I forgot they take forever to clip. Oh well. It's done and I can get back to Bubbles 2.1

Monday, October 5, 2009

It's almost Quilt Market time!

Quilt Market and Festival in Houton.

No, I'm not going, but I am really excited to see the updates from everyone. And I bet you are too, RIGHT?! Of course you are! This handy-dandy little button will (hopefully) link everyone's updates together. I think there are about 30 at this point. So until the day when I can really attend, this is the next-best thing. And it's such a cute little button, I'll keep it up for probably way too long.

Totally unrelated: just found out my daughter's preschool is closing due to budget cuts. We are all totally bummed and I even wanted to make a quilt for the teacher for Christmas, but it will be a done deal by then. Sorry, just wanted to whine. Some of us mommies were trying to think what we can do. It's partially subsidized by local taxes, but we pay a nominal fee. They won't even consider raising the cost; they're just cutting it altogether. If you have been in a similar situation, I'd love to hear what action you took to save something meaningful to you!


2009 (A tad more confident!)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Finally... October.

Hello, Autumn! You are my mostest favorite time of the year.

This autumn we will be celebrating:




Each and every day is so dear to me. I'm learning to invest in people more and more. I'm trying to step outside of my comfort zone, take risks, develop relationships. It can be very hard for me to initiate a conversation or spend that extra time listening to another mom share a story. You know, we're all busy, right? I really think the Lord wants me to slow down and get real.

Isn't that what sipping hot beverages is for? :)

My goal this fall is to have lots of backyard cookouts and invite neighbors over for smores, game nights, or whatever. It's time to reach out while staying in.