Monday, August 9, 2010

GIVEAWAY! and some mini quilts

Hello my happy readers!

I am very pleased to announce another giveaway! Woo hoo! This may seem a bit random, but it actually is in celebration of my dear, DEAR husband breaking yet another item in my - I mean THE - kitchen. Usually it's your basic glass or espresso cup (that was a birthday present). But this time it was the pepper shaker. As in - part of a set. They were so cute together. *sigh*

However, you have the divine opportunity to win your very own Salt and Pepper Shakers or whatever other fancy schmancy Corelle you desire.

So go ahead and leave a comment here about what your husband has broke around the house and I'll pick a random winner Friday night. (Sorry, only US readers please.) The winner will receive a gift certificate to CSN stores which is a major score because they sell everything under the sun. It's your chance to stock up on those breakables!

Personally, I've had my eye on these pressure cookers for the upcoming canning season. Those maters just get bigger everyday!!

And in the sewing front... I'm playing with circles!

I've recently been commissioned to make two circle quilts which require a lot of practice. So here are some mini-quilts of my circle experimentation.

For a 5-yr-old girl that just doesn't want to be "little" any more. How sad for her mama!

For a 3-yr-old boy that really doesn't care! ;)

So I embroidered a road for him to drive his matchbox cars and made some of the circles bumpy for hills. Who's the coolest 3-yr-old now?!


  1. In addition to some girl's heart since he chose to marry me, my husband has broken numerous glasses in the kitchen sink.

  2. Nothing broken--YET!! Adoring your circles:)

  3. I guess Adam is way to responsible, other than breaking a few glasses. We do have a friend who is prone to accidents that dropped an entire case of wine on our front walk while carrying it to his car.

  4. My grandma collected S&P's and at one time I had over 300 of her collection...hmmmm, my husband once broke the shower knob off the was old and when he went to shut the water off, it broke and we had to shut the main valve off, so no one coculd use the water until the new hardware was in!


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