Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Circling the Wagons

Hi, remember me? I used to write here frequently. I guess summertime can do that to ya. We've been having a most enjoyable summer. Nothing too grand, just relaxing and being. Being together has been so lovely.

We've taken a few day trips to Amish Country which is perfect for my Laura Ingalls-in-training. It makes a mama happy to see her daughter delight in such innocent and beautiful things like a rag doll or new bonnet.

And my new favorite fabric store, Miller's Dry Goods. I managed to find some Bliss precuts since the yardage had not yet arrived. Oh goodness, what a great fabric line that is! I also bought a few fat quarters of Fresh Cottons that were just so beautiful in person.

Other than shopping, I have been working on the circle quilts. Both quilt tops are done. Hooray! It has been so satisfiying to see these lovelies come together. Working on two twin quilts simultaneously has been a challenge but a good one. I have found sewing to be the ONE THING that stays done. Toys are picked up but always end up on the floor. Dinners are made but dishes follow soon behind. I have found sewing to be a great source of momentum in my life. It (almost) always goes forward, showing constant progress and tangible improvement. Of course I visit with my seam ripper from time to time but even then a quick fix isn't so bad.

So there they are. I also have another very special quilt I'm working on for a friend who is adopting. More to come on that. And since Halloween is coming there are tutus to be made as well. Hopefully I'll find the time to get back here sooner rather than later!
Hoping your days are warm and bright in this fantastic late summer season.

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