Saturday, January 1, 2011

Winner + Boy Quilts

The winner of the CSN Giveaway is #1 Sarah! Someday I will learn how to import the widget for proof. If any of you are keen on that, I'd love to know how to do it. Anyhoo, thanks so much to all who entered and what fun gifts you gave your loved ones!

I've had some boy quilts enter my life lately. A good friend roped her brother into taking pictures of my loot from the shop. He did a great job of making my quilts look extremely gorgeous so naturally I got to repay the favor with a quilt for the baby boy on the way.
It was my first time to work with Echino fabric and it was great! A tad on the expensive side but totally worth it. I love the linen feel of it and how extremely creative the prints are. The repeats are a fantastic blend of stripes, dots, and a novelty item (helicoptes, busses, and cameras in this case).
Next up was a rag quilt (surprise, surprise!) made with Robots from David Walker. I ran across an unbelievable sale a while back and went hog wild ordering the entire line. Rag quilts are such a dream to make at this point in my life. Pretty fast, easy, and always a fun result when it comes out of the dryer all fluffed up.
I'm thinking of doing a rag quilt tutorial since I'm going a little nutso over here with them. I assume there are a gazillion out there already, but what's one more, right?
A very happy new year to you all. May it be safe, happy, healthy and quilty! Thank you so much for stopping by my little blog. Cheers!


  1. I am going to do one of these this year--yes I am! Yours turned out wonderfully!


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