Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Frog Tape Giveaway!

YAY!  I've written about my new love for Frog Tape and guess what... I can now share my love with you!  The fabulous people at Frog Tape have generously donated two rolls of their super sticky tape, gift bag, and an awesome-possum T-Shirt! 

So whether you are about to baste some quilts or paint the town green, you can try Frog Tape for free and love it like me.

Dude, it's like $8 a roll.  This is major.

The frog rocks my basting world.

In other news, Mipsa made a ZIG ZAG quilt!

Isn't is gorgeous?  Here she is - my house, her quilt, my baby, her, my dog.  Try to keep up.

To win the Frog Tape giveaway, leave a comment telling me your favorite summer memory from this year.  Mine is watching the girls swimming in the pool for the first time.  Half freaking out and half really excited for them.  No picture of it - that's where the freaking out comes into play.

Anyway, leave a comment and I'll pull a random winner this weekend-ish. 

Edited to add: If'n blogger isn't allowing you to comment on here, head on over to The Facebook and comment there.  Thanks!


  1. My favorite summer memory this year is watching the kids play with their cousins from Chicago. They made hot, sweaty, lightning bug, smores, slumber party kinda' memories!
    Kate Panzner

    PS AWESOME quilt Melissa!

  2. My favorite summer memory is spending Saturday mornings at Starbucks after a grueling run laughing my arse off with my good friend Steph. Thanks Kate!

  3. Ooooh! I've heard a lot of good things about frog tape. Thanks for the giveaway.


    As for trouble posting with Blogger, I only have that problem with Internet Explorer. When I comment with Mozilla, it works.


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