Monday, September 26, 2011

Quilt, Cook, Run

When I first started this blog, I originally wanted to call it Quilt, Cook, Run.  Those are my "big 3" favorite things, but I wasn't sure how that would work over the long haul.  You know, having kids doesn't allow for a lot of free time so I thought it best to concentrate on just one.  So the "quilt" part won out and that's a good thing. 

I kinda cook to survive at this point and run to take care of the cooking part...  :)

 So now I can write posts that touch on each one as necessary.  Here goes!

The Quilt: 
I started with this color-filled inspiration.  And here is where it ended up!  I think it's pretty cool and I hope my client does too.  Her baby is due in about 36 seconds so I'm hoping the quilt will get there before baby.  Go, quilt, go!

The Run:
I just completed some race/competition thingys.  Last year I was 12 weeks pregnant and ran a half marathon.  He was the size of a lemon.

This year he sat in a lawn chair and watched me go by.  What a difference a year makes!

My husband and I also did the Warrior Dash together.  Yep!  It was hard.  I could run all day but I have no upper body strength.  Which would have been nice climbing over all those walls.  But it was a great challenge after running races the last 10+ years.  And it was nice to play in the mud with hubs. 

 And the Cook part...
My husband's work has a little recipe contest going on.  I've decided to enter my version of Swedish salmon that I watched my hostmom make oodles of times as an exchange student in Sweden.  It's very simple: equal parts salt, pepper, sugar, and dill on back and front (1 tsp of each, divided amongst the fillets). 
Here I served it with cheesy orzo and peas - something you would never see in Sweden!  We are gluttons for cheese on everything and I'm ok with that. 

Sometime I'll have to share about the day I made mac 'n cheese for my Swedish friends.  With chocolate chip cookies as dessert!  I wanted to do an American lunch for them but perhaps it was as little "much".  Oh dear....

So stay tuned to see if it's a winner!  I really hope so because it is one of my favorite things to make, so healthy and yummy.

Happy Autumn!  Looking forward to the apple farm and all the lovely festivals this time of year. 

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