Monday, November 28, 2011

'Tis the (crazy) Season

We have had a lovely busy crazy month of birthdays, milestones, and lots of sewing!

My middle girl turned 3!  She is usually my nutty buddy (aka wild child) but sadly was a titch sick on her birthday party day.  No voice at all meant only whispers from the birthday girl.  It kinda made us a little sad to see this outspoken little person turn into a silent fragile mouse!

We got a small trampoline for her which has been enjoyed by everyone here.  The baby just loved the balloons.  So innocent and full of joy at the tiniest of things...

For her birthday we decided to cut her hair.  For the first time ever.  Look at that tiny floating head...  Gosh I love her!  We celebrated with a nice lunch afterwards and she was pretty excited about it all.

A quilt for baby Cash using the crib sheet from his nursery (Little Builders, Eddie Bauer), flannels, corduroys, suede, and cotton.  A very texture-riffic quilt! 

Also using a variety of textures is a special memory quilt for another baby on-the-way.  This included everything from a leather jacket, hat, wedding dress, and Vera Bradley purse scraps.  I really enjoyed putting this together.  The sewing machine did well, even with the leather!  Yay, Janome!

A rag quilt for Baby Ciara.  Pretty cool mix of prints and colors, this is totally my style. 

Many more Christmas quilts on the way.  Oh how it warms my heart that people are giving quilts as gifts.  (No pun intended!)  I love that people see them as heirlooms, treasures, and something special to be excited by. 

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  1. Love the last quilt and Happy bday to your sweet three year old! I love that our middle ones are wild ones- it makes them so unique and special! Seeing these quilts makes me want another oldest has actually requested one for her "new room" when we eventually move to the burbs- stay tuned because we'd be honored if you'd make it....until then, we will keep looking at these beautiful ones you have made for ideas and inspiration!


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