Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Pin Cushion Vacates

Well it's only been about four years in the making but the fam headed to the beach last week.  It was incredible.  We really needed it.  We are much better versions of ourselves at the beach. 

I even let my dad stack the dishwasher in his super inefficient manner and it didn't even bother me. 

The weather was perfect.

Our view was amazing. 

The baby was excited.

I got to play with my kids and watch them and enjoy them.  No rushing around, no school, no commitments or phone calls.  All day, everyday.  We just played. 

I did some embroidery on our family quilt.  I'm adding some doodling on the borders.  I've traced some of the girls' precious drawings and first attempts at writing their names so that they can be embroidered forever.  I'm thinking of tracing baby boy's hands and adding a scripture on there too.  Think I can get hubs to doodle something as well?  :)

I came home and finished off a little pillow for baby James who was born super duper early at 32 weeks!  Stay strong, little one. 

It was really a lovely time and we are enjoying the memories and photos of the trip.  I came home ready and hungry to get back to my Janome.  Eight whole days without her seemed like a lot but it did indeed get the creative juices flowing. 

Hope you are refreshed and enjoying the beginnings of a fantastic summer season. Happy trails to those who are traveling!

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  1. You took some awesome vacation pics!!!! So glad you had a great time! Is Janome the name of that red thing you stick your pins and needles in? (hee, hee- can you tell I am your friend who send the hubby's shirts off to the cleaners when they need a new button replaced? Mom is appalled I can't sew a button on the shirts bc she swears she taught me)....Praying and missing you, sister.


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