Monday, February 25, 2013


It's been a memorable year already! 
It has been a very good start to my quilty year.  What an honor to get to work closely with others.  We start as strangers and end as very good friends.
This is a wedding quilt for Ellie and Mike.  They had some really fun guests sign their quilt squares.  Must have been a lot of Lion King songs as I kept seeing "Hakuna Matata", "Elton John was here", and "Can you feel the love tonight?".  Made for a good flashback and singing songs in my head as I sewed.

Monograms and wedding date appliqued on ivory sateen.  The bride loves pink polka dots so we found the perfect backing. 

I have been so thankful to share in the memories of my clients with weddings and also in death. It is so moving to make a quilt as therapy. Even though I don't usually know my clients, I still find great comfort in hearing stories of their memories and seeing pictures of what is meaningful to them. 

This sweet, sweet woman wanted to give memory quilts as gifts.  I can't think of a better gift to give (naturally!).  She took the time to consider who would like certain parts of the garments and style of backings.  It was so touching to hear stories and get to know this lovely family through their story of clothing. 

 It reminded me of my dad and our time in the garden, stacking the wood pile, and seeing his dress clothes for work. 

Melissa and I joined forces to create these seven special quilts.  It was very touching and so good to meet Laura who asked me to take on this project.  Thank you, Laura!  Hope to have a cup of coffee and hear more about your dear family someday.

Recently I got to make a cheery bright banner for a birthday girl.  I actually made a quilt for the little one when she was born and now she's having a birthday.  Aww!  It is two-sided but the letters are only on one side.  So they are able to hang it up in the playroom or bed room year round and turn it around for birthdays.  Sweet!

I do hope your year is off to a good start.  Looking back at memories and looking forward to celebrations is what the new year is all about.  Today our "celebration" was longer days, a little bit of sunshine, and a cupcake picnic.  Yes, sunshine in February is always a reason to celebrate.  Eat Cake!


  1. Cupcakes yum!! Who wouldn't enjoy one of those every now and then!

    I love the banner and the idea of the memory quilts. You did a phenomenal job!

  2. Wonderful work, dear friend. The banner is spectacular!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful and beautiful!


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