Thursday, November 7, 2013

The {other} side of Homeschooling

So after writing about all the wonderful things that I feel about Charlotte Mason and homeschooling over here I felt it only fair I should divulge the other details as well.

Lately I've been thinking about consequences to choices.  Mostly because I have children and I want them to learn that there are always consequences.  Good and bad.  When you choose to follow something, it means another thing will get left behind.  There are always natural reactions to our actions. 

When I chose to homeschool, I miss out on getting together with friends. I admit there is a pang of jealousy when I see Instagrams of friends getting together for brunch or coffee while their kids are in school.  I miss out on serious "me" time.  THINK of the sewing I could get done if my kids were away at school! AHH! Lately it has extended beyond selfish measures to where I am missing out on some awesome ministry opportunities. 

I have a heart to serve women who are held captive by chains of injustice.  Women who don't know their worth and how precious they are and choose to do things that harm their bodies and their hearts.  I've been volunteering monthly or so for weekend events to minister to these women.  We try to do some creative things that aren't uber geeky but yet lets them know just how much we (and Jesus, above all) love them. 

And now there are weekday/morning meetings for them to gather with my good friends.  Oh the potential to reach out to these women in those meeting times.  My heart has been aching to be there and hang out with them.  I really want to know them and listen to them and give them great big hugs.

So then I realize that this too is a selfish matter.  That Jesus is able to meet these women without me.  These gatherings with friends and "the women" (as we'll call them) are not for me at this time.  If I were to drop homeschooling and attend these meetings, it would be for me and my glory, since I have not been called to be there.  Ick. 

So I will deal with feeling left out and left behind.  I will be grateful that we are able to homeschool and do all those really fabulous things I spoke about before.  When I chose to open the Homeschool door, most of the other Weekday Fun doors closed. 

My prayer is that I will continue, day by day and year by year to seek the Lord's will for this family.  Someday He may say this homeschool gig has been great but it's time to focus on ministry.  I don't know.  I DO know that I don't want to be like Jonah and disobey Him for my own desires.

If you are thinking of taking a leap, first seek His will for your life.  He has a wonderful plan for each of us.  It's true!   


  1. Great post Stephanie! I have several friends that homeschool,I myself don't, but I always wonder if it can be overwhelming at times not being able to do things with friends or by themselves during the week. I think God has definitely given them a special gift to homeschool. You are right on target in saying that you will allow God to lead you where you need to be and I think it is wonderful that you are speaking out about it:):)

    Blessing to you and your family!

  2. I love you so much. I love your heart and your desire to seek the Lord's will in all that you do. This post is so good! I love the nitty gritty ones that are real, baby! Wish we lived closer. Praying the Lord continues to bless you for your faithfulness!!! big XOXOXO


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