Sunday, September 28, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

Hiya!  Thanks for coming over to join me in the blog hop!

It's been quiet around these parts for ummm.... A LONG time. I'm a stay at home mama of three little ones. We homeschool using the Charlotte Mason philosophy and it has really been a blessing to the entire family.

A big reason why it's been so quiet here is that we moved this summer. Although only a few miles from where we were originally, dang! Moving is a complete circus. Oy.

So onto the blog questions:
1. What am I working on?
I'm mostly a quilter in the sewing world genre. I've mostly been doing commission work and custom quilts lately. But when I get time to sew for my own therapy, I love working on my x and plus quilt. I hope it will be a queen-size bed quilt one day. Only 142 squares left. Hmm.

2.  How does my work differ from others?
Oh goodness. Everyone is so different. I love bright colors, contrast with black and white, and a pop of unexpected. I also have a big place in my heart for antique quilts and earthy vintage colors. And feed sack prints. I'm kinda all over the place.

3.  Why do I create what I do?
It feels so good to create!  In the midst of living a life full of serving my family, it feels so wonderful to carve out some time and make something fun. Something useful. When all the toys I just put away are getting dumped on the floor, I like that the stitches I sewed earlier that day will in fact stay in place.  I also believe that God has placed a creative hair in every one so it gives Him glory when we express ourselves as such.

4.  How does my creative process work?
I just kinda fiddle around with fabric, colors, patterns, until I like something. If I'm planning ahead for a project I'll probable check out Pinterest or Instagram first. But I like the spontaneous nature of things and being in the flow.

So that's me in a nutshell. I look forward to getting to know more of you. I'm on Instagram (@thepincushion) if you care to see more of my stuff. Thanks for stopping by and hanging out a bit!

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