Thursday, July 16, 2009


I just read SouleMama's post. Actually it was Papa's turn today. It was so beautiful. I've been inspired to pull out the journal and get writing. When I was dating hubby many years ago, full of love and goo, I would write poem on top of poem about him, love, people, you know.... And now I'm afraid that I've grown up into a normal grown up. House work, groceries, cleaning, normal adult things that are killing my creativity! I know these things are necessary and I just have to work harder at maintaining balance. I hear a little 3-year old asking me to play with her several times a day to which I usually reply "Just a minute", "As soon as I'm done with this", or "Please wait patiently". One of these days she might not ask me since she's getting rejected so much.
So I continue the daily struggle of priorizing a mama's duties. I'm praying that I can really improve on this. Dinner, dishes, and floors can wait. Little girls who like blueberries and tutus should come in ahead of the Swiffer. One day, Lord willing, my hands are going to be like this:
...and hopefully there will be a few marker stains or beaded bracelets to adorn them.


  1. nice words...and a sweet reminder that the days go by quickly. i love the photo of the old hands and baby feet!

  2. What a beautiful photo! I love the juxtaposition of the soft, pudgy, pink baby feet and the aged, wrinkled, character-filled hands. The delicacy of the grip makes me wonder if it's because of care for the child or the pain of arthritis (or, more likely, a little bit of both).


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