Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The good life

Mr. Pin Cushion and I are from the country. Like for real. The only county in our state without a highway. I remember when the McDonald's opened. It was the best day of my life as a 10-year old. Civilization winked at us from time to time, but never got too close. I never disliked the country, but was totally digging my jaunts to the city. Fast forward um, a few years and we are living in the city craving for that quiet country life. Although visiting my Italian in-laws has some tension at times, I love, love, love being back home in the country.
My MIL with her neice. After lunch we usually go outside and pick grapes, berries, tomatoes, whatever we can find. The quiet is amazing. It is so perfect.

They have every fruit that is possible to grow and even some that aren't possible. But my father-in-law is the king of making things grow against their will, so it's only a matter of time. Anyhoo, these raspberries were so gorgeous... and delicious! But I was mostly taken with their stunning colors.

Yes, I am very excited to get back to my Tina Givens quilt with these very colors + some lime green .

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