Thursday, September 24, 2009

Memory quilt is done!

Wow, what a journey it has been. I am so thrilled to:

1.) Have this finished before 2010!

2.) See the completed work of this quilt come together. Every quilt finish has a great sense of accomplishment, but this one is at the top of the list. It's very special to me.

I ordered the label from Tracey, aka The Dancing Needle on Etsy. The first one had a typo, the second one got lost in the mail, and the third one was juuuuust right. I do highly recommend Tracey's work even through the glitches. She was such a sweetie with sending replacements. Thanks, Tracey!

I had some reservations about including it. It was a surprise for the recipient. I hope a good one. I guess she could get out a seam ripper if need be. Mr Pin Cushion and I talked about if for a while and finally he just asked me what I would want if the roles were reversed. Isn't that how we should make most of our decisions concerning others? What a good man!

The binding (black dress pants) got finished up in Washington DC. We made the trip to visit my big brother for a very special promotion ceremony over the weekend. It was so perfect to be in the car with my family. It was overcast and rainy outside while I was sewing and chatting with my family inside the car. It was seriously a wonderful road trip. I can't express enough how I loved being together and sewing at the same time!

Anyway, the quilt is off to find it's home. I feel like I just sent a child away to college. But I must move on... Bubbles the Bunny awaits.

A new commission to re-create this rabbit for a local ventriloquist. I'm way excited to make this thing, it's a great opportunity. Just got back from the craft store with styrofoam balls, felt, cork board, and polyfil. Honestly, I do feel a tad panicked. But I draw a lot of inspiration from the show Ace of Cakes on Food Network. Every episode seems to involve their creative juices, a mishap, and how they really think themselves out of another pickle. It helps me to feel better that very successful artisans also make mistakes and not everything comes naturally and perfectly every single time.

Updates to come!

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  1. You created a great memory. I like that you picked a simple yet dramatic design to set off your memory fabrics. Hope you had a great trip.


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