Friday, November 6, 2009

Animal House

A new puppet in the works. He/she doesn't have a name yet, but it's big and blue and kinda creepy from this perspective if you ask me. Never thought I'd be making these, but it is fun to experiment with different fabrics (fur and felt to name a few!) and new methods of sewing. Once stuffed, however, he/she/it really looks fun.

A jellyfish for Halloween! Speaking of new fabrics, the shimmery skirt was a fun little whip-up. I was ok with the hat portion but realized I hadn't sewn anything. Feeling a little empty and things not quite done yet, we ran to Joann's with only minutes to spare. SuperMom? Definetly not. Sewing-obsessed? Unfortunately, yes.

My little punkin. A day out with dad at the punkin farm. I'm trying hard to phase out characters such as Dora and Princess, but she can wear the handmade skirts as much as she pleases. I'm vain like that.

I'm pleased to announce that the orange quilt top and back are finished. Also, the Tina Givens quilt top. Just working on that backing. My birthday is coming up and hubby is wanting to upgrade the sewing machine for me. Oh yeah, he's a keeper. Maybe tomorrow at this time I'll bring her home with me.

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