Tuesday, December 22, 2009

She's heeeeeere!

Janome, meet the blog. Blog, Janome.

Ok, so it's a tad anti-climatic. It's been over a month now and I've been through major sewing machine stress. I thought I would be showing you pictures of my new Viking 1100, major Craig's List steal. Actually, the very generous lady who had it for sale decided to give it to me once we got to her house. I was in tears from her kind act.

Then I took it to be serviced before using it and they called a week later to say it needed over $600 worth of help. Apparently the sewing head had been damaged and that, my friends, did not sound good.

So the search began again...

And on Black Friday, I purchased my totally awesome sewing machine. It's used, scratched up, and missing a knee-lift, but I got a major deal on it. I had no idea I would end up with such a big-time machine. I mean, afterall, I've been using my little Brother 2600 forever now. But here's the deal... I knew I needed a machine with a bigger throat/harp area (I've heard both terms used interchangeably) and after seeing what ballpark of coinage I'd be in (yikes!), I decided I had better get the most for my money.

Enter, the Janome (rhymes with Baloney) Memory Craft 6500. (And it says "Professional" on the front. Squeeeeel!) She not only has a rockin' throat (honestly, I gag every time I think of this term), but awesome embroidery powers and some sweet computerized thingy-majigs like needle up/down, make a knot so I don't ruin the quilt, and other things yet to be explored.

The orange quilt is done and given to my sweet, sweet aunt who watches the girls all.the.time.

And I just got the quilting done on the Tina Givens quilt. Seriously, this machine moves really fast and I am crankin' out the quilts in no time flat!!

I hope you are crankin' too if need be. You know, last-minute people, you! But hopefully you are really slowing down and enjoying the beauty of the Christmas season. A tiny bit of snow is falling here which makes it even better.

Merry Christmas to you!

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  1. Congrats on the new machinery! You make such beautiful quilts, and I know they will be enjoyed for years and years. I love ours, and I can't wait to pass them down to future generations. Merry Christmas...see you soon!


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