Monday, January 4, 2010

Blankets... They're not just for people anymore

I forgot to post about my Bush Blankets from fall.

I made these little guys for my hydrangeas. It seems that they do ok until one last late freeze in the spring and that zaps the buds. Which makes for big leafy green bushes without the pretty flowers all summer long. No thanks.

So hopefully this route will work. It was basically a scrap buster. Just sewed the circles on and left the raw edges exposed. I did it all on the old machine, but it still went pretty fast.

So incase you have the same situation, here's how I did it:
Get a bunch of chicken wire (or something similar) and put it around the plant. I pushed up all the leaves and Mr. Pin Cushion put the wire around. Then I measured the diameter of the wire. They were each in the 90-inch range. So I then made the wrap a little longer and sewed on the circles.
For closures, I started with velcro but that didn't last through some rain storms so I used little elastic loops and buttons instead. I'm happy to say they are still standing and add some much-needed color with the white snow against the white siding on the house. I'll update in the spring when I take them off after the frost! I hope it works!

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