Friday, January 15, 2010

The ups and downs of sewing

Lots of things have been starting and stopping lately. I guess that's why I've been able to post some blogs. Inbetween things, I have a little time to sit a spell.

Up: The Wonky Whirlygig is progressing!
Down: Progressing so much that I need to get more of the ivory sateen. I've really been trying to just buy what I know I'm going to use, but I hate going to the store a gazillion times for boring sashing.

Up: Yay! The cubicle I've always dreamed of! Isabella felt quite important when I put her 3-bin craft organizer by mommy's "sewings". I'm using the cubes for collections and the color-coded pull-out organizer for scraps and random fabrics. The blue "man-box" on top there was my birthday present. Not very pretty, but soooo very handy for the little odds and ends like rick-rack, elastic, bias tape maker, etc. I used to waste so much time searching for things and this is such a sanity saver!
Down: Seriously, nothing. Just wish I had more!

Up: I made my first baby shoes! Poor little kiddo of mine is a professional sock-taker-offer. So I thought little Valentines shoes were in order. I pulled the elastic in the back extra tight so she wouldn't be able to pull them off and her tootsies would be toasty warm all winter long.

Down: Hubby noticed that the elastic was cutting into her skin and toes were turning purple . Oopsy. Circulation can be so overrated. But she didn't get them off! No, we took them off and now they are making the rounds on Bella's dolls. Guess I'll try, try again.

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