Monday, March 15, 2010

Adventures in pretend homeschooling

As Bella's preschool closed last fall, we have been pretending to have our very own preschool here at home. I love it. Will it continue? I hope so, but who knows...

As with the rest of motherhood, I am completely winging it. We began a little "Letter of the Week" deal. I print out the letter (upper and lower case) on cardstock, she practices writing it, we write a few simple words beginning with that letter, and then maybe a hands-on craft or field trip. It's working well. Really well! Sometimes it takes us 2 or 3 weeks to move along to the next letter and sometimes we are on track.

All of our "letters" are kept in a 3-ring notebook for her to look at and keep organized. She likes to use markers, crayons, colored pencils, any sort of new writing tool that she is excited about at that time. It is one colorful notebook that is beginning to be it's own work of art!

So last week was letter P. A good one for us (semi)Italians! Pizza last Saturday with Pasta on the following Saturday. Also a trip to the zoo to pay special attention to the Penguins, Pythons, and Parrots.

This week is Q. I'm down with quilting and all, but I'm a little stumped with a cooking item. Quiche might not be realistic and I'm fresh out of quail eggs. Could be visiting R quite soon!


  1. I LOVE the letter P ;)
    Q, however, might be better utilized for some Quiet Time (which all moms need every now and then).

    I wish I was in your class! You are the greatest, and we miss you guys so much!

  2. That pizza looks delicious. You could make a quesadilla this week.


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