Friday, May 21, 2010

Blogger's Quilt Festival

Wow, thank you everyone for such a great giveaway week. Amanda wins the bag o' scraps and Shelly brings home the CSN gift certificate. Congrats!!

Once again, Amy is hosting the Blogger's Quilt Festival which could rank right up there with my birthday. It is always so nice to see what other bloggy quilters (or is it quilty bloggers) are doing. I love to see others' works of art! So without further ado, here is my most recent finish and my favorite quilt ever...

... the Love quilt.

Finished size is a standard double (78" x 87"). I used a lovely mint green thread on most of the quilt and it worked great for this collection. Although my OCD kicked in while quilting and I did try to use coordinating thread colors (which greatly increases the time factor) when possible.

Verdict about Quilt as You Go method - it rocks. I love how it comes together so fast. I love how the quilt feels as a finished product. All that thread makes it heavy and more comforting to me. Free motion quilting a double (even on my super swell Janome) would have been a nightmare. QAYG allows anyone with any machine to accomplish great things! Except sewing the back and front together (stitch in the ditch between all 12 1/2" squares) was doable because of the excellent harp area on the Janome.

*Edited to add: I thought I should clarify that I did not use sashing inbetween each of the blocks. Once I "stitched in the ditch" the seam allowances were not the least bit bulky. I had some emails about how it came together, so please feel free to ask about anything I have failed to include here. Really! *

The scrappy binding was a no-brainer on this one... too bad it took my no-brain an entire day to realize that!

It's really forgiving in that stitches needn't be perfect, and if you decide half-way through piecing your quilt front that you want to do it - you can! Just grab some batting and start sewing it down. Straight-line quilting, free-motion quilitng, whatever you fancy.

The very creative client dreamed up the design on the back. I think it rocks my socks.

Love will soon be going overseas to her mama. A wonderful quilt to a wonderfuler friend. :)

Infact, I loved doing it so much that I started another one!

Some sweet little nephew of mine is turning 2!


  1. A very striking quilt! Your lucky friend will love it. :-) Thanks for the testimony on QAYG. It's on my quilting "bucket list".

  2. What an amazingly beautiful quilt!

  3. Cute quilt.


  4. Fantastic quilt and I love the back

  5. It looks wonderful! I like the contrasting dark fabric. I must try a QAYG, si far I've only quilted by hand beause my machine is pretty small!

  6. So cool! This really makes me want to try out the quilt as you go method.

  7. this is so amazing. i love love love the backing.

  8. really beautiful, fabulous fabric...i've heard of QAYG but i guess i need to check into it :)

  9. What a very informative post for me. I love, love love the love quilt. Thanks for linking to an earlier post about your sewing machine. i think I am up for a new one and it was great to read your review. Also love your QAYG review.

  10. OK, that's it; this beauty has convinced me that I definitely need to consider the QAYG method!

  11. beautiful quilt. i want to try the QYAG on a project i'm working on now. i cannot wrestle anything bigger than a table runner with my shoulders and hands, so this sounds perfect. thanks for sharing


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