Friday, April 8, 2011

A winner! has chosen #4, The Knapps, for the CSN Giveaway. Double congratulations to you as you commented on a baby on the way!! Hooray! I'll be sending you an email with the info.

Speaking of babies, I HOPEFULLY will be also joining the baby club (again) soon. Due date is approaching and we are all a-twitter here. Well, mostly just me and hubs.

I am so tickled I got to make some more Love pillow covers. Funny it was exactly a year ago that I did the tutorial with Amy Butler's Love fabric.

My oldest turned 5 (FIVE?!) this week. So no one told me teenage drama would start at 5. I'm going to keep blaming the no sleep situation and hope it will soon pass. However we did have a lovely time at the "birthday house" as she calls it. Being 39 weeks pregnant we kept it very low key. MIL brought pasta, I made some pulled pork BBQ and dad grilled out some chicken sausage brat things. I'm all for simple but nice.

AND I met my goal of completing this quilt before baby came. A sweety of a client commisssioned me to make this for her daughter's birthday on the same day as my daughters! Well I'll be... It did have silks in the front which did not survive the washing and drying process. Probably would have done ok if it were a regular quilt but as a rag quilt it did not work out. So I had to undo the entire - YES, I said entire - quilt to pull out the 17 silk squares. Substituted them with regular cotton fabric and we're back on track. The velvet is still on the back which I pray will wash well and last for lifetimes.

Congrats, The Knapps! Happy Birthday to my little girl and the velvet birthday girl! Blessings all around!

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  1. Yay!!! So excited...I'll be on the lookout for the email :)


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