Friday, December 9, 2011

Disappearing Nine Patch a la Hipstamatic

First things first... I MUST finish this quilt soon.  It's a tshirt quilt for my sister-in-law.  She was so dear to give me a serger (still in the box!).  In return I would make her a quilt.  Yeah, sorry Sis.  The top is done but the back is not even close.  Looking at the tiny baby at the top lets me know that it has been quite a while since he is definitely not that teeny any more.

Look out, 2012... I'm coming atchya with a sorority t-shirt quilt and tons of carnations. 

Check out that focusing in the picture!  Can you say NEW CAMERA?!  Thanks, hubs.  Happy Birthday to me!  It's been a journey figuring it out but the macro setting is my first priority. 

Anyway, the quilt was a disappearing nine-patch for a friend of my mom.  She is Chinese and expecting a boy.  So mama requested that Chinese Kids Michael Miller fabric with other blues and greens.

I've never done a disappearing nine-patch before but it was fun!  It took a bit to get used to.  My advice would be to use as much color variety in each 9-patch block as you can before you cut it.  I made the mistake of making a bunch of green blocks and then blue blocks thinking it wouldn't make a difference.  It did.  The colors were clumped together and I had to make new blocks with more variety.

Just before I received my new birthday camera I decided to pay for my first app on the iPhone.  (I totally did not expect a new camera so this was my present to myself.)   I LOVE the hipstamatic app.  I love, love, love these pictures.  It makes my children more beautiful and my life seem so much happier.  HAHAHAHA!

See below... you wouldn't know the girls were totally annoyed with me at the annual Christmas Tree Festival.  They are happy and retro and oh so hip. 

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