Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!

This Christmas I have a bouncing baby boy!  He's a little drooly as you can see. Eight months old now and really, really sweet.  How did we ever live without him??!!  I can't help but notice Grandma and Grandpa sent more gifts to him than to anyone else in the family.    Ahem.

I loved making this quilt for a dear friend.  She had a baby girl and like all good mommies do... they get a quilt to match the baby!  :)   It's super warm, backed with chenille and flannel as batting.  

This really has been the Year of the Shabby Chic Quilt.  I have yet to tally up the grand total of 2011 quilts but I'm sure the Shabby Chic will rule.

My newest babies... we have been entertaining 5 teeny caterpillars for about a month now.  They have all successfully grown into chrysalides and now THREE are butterflies!  We actually watched #3 hatch this afternoon.  It was completely amazing.  Sadly part of the chrysalis was on his face and he was unable to break free.  The little bugger fell to the ground and hasn't been the same since.  We're praying he comes around soon.

It was fascinating to watch the whole process of slimy slithery caterpillars turn into these beautiful butterflies.  Even watching the struggle as one neared its "finish line" was quite an allegory for our messy life.  I used to think when I became a mother, I would inherit all these remarkable "instincts" that we hear about. 

Nothing comes easy.  Instincts can work against me.  And boy is there ever struggle, even though I thought I would kind of have it figured out by now. 

But we also have joy.  A reason for hope.  At the end of the day we have a God who loves us so much that he reversed the "butterfly process".  He left his beautiful life in heaven to come down among the dirt here.  He did this to set us free and give us our freedom from the sin that entangles us and covers our eyes. 

I pray you have a blessed Christmas.  Full of light and hope and lots of love.

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