Monday, January 16, 2012

In my tree

My boy is well.... a boy!  He's growing and becoming ornery.  He loves to make motor noises while driving (and eating) cars.

I was totally in love with him crawling and playing under the table.  I often give thanks for this healthy sweet baby.  He is cuddle-icious and is doted on by everyone who sees him.

Just a boy and his cars. 

Working on my sarah jane family tree quilt.  We recently drove really, really far to visit my family and I thought it fitting to work on this quilt.  I'm kicking myself for not picking up any of the other adorable fabric in her line but I think I'll have enough pinks to work with.

The 6-inch border here is from a flannel sheet.  It is so warm and fuzzy. 

I'm really excited to finish this one up and have it around.  My husband didn't get to know his grandparents from "the old country" so this is one tiny way to be reminded of them and know their names.  (We've had to ask Nonna more than once who is who...)

For the embroidery, I used plum thread (3 ply) on the female names and dark brown for the males.  It turned out perfectly!  Hopefully it will be finished up before long.

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