Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Looking ahead...

My quilting resolutions for 2012...
I'd like to make a Plus Quilt
I NEED to finish my sister-in-law's tshirt quilt

I'd like to make a Gray and Green quilt.  I really like these fabrics together and have most of them on hand.  It feels so natural, organic, and calming. 

I have a ton of Nicey Jane blocks that I'd like to finish up the quilt for.  It was supposed to be "my" quilt but now that my girls are starting to get a sense of style and it seems similar to mine... maybe they'll cuddle under with me.  Which is a quilter-mommy's dream come true!

I want to be more aware of the money I spend on fabric and buy only what I need.  I've been organizing lately and find that I've ordered fabrics that I've already had.  How embarrassing.  What am I, a quilt shop?  NO!  So I really need to 1 - organize (obviously) and stay organized.  2- spend less and use what I have on hand.

And finally... not a resolution but a dream.  I would just love the chance to go to Squam.  I would love to take my oldest daughter and reconnect.  To her. To me.  To life. 

It seems so peaceful and calm, the opposite of life here sometimes.  I think it's healthy to take a break and cleanse the mind and heart. 

But if $1000 doesn't drop from the sky and I am not able to go, I would like to make the goal of having my own Squam here.  Day trips, peaceful outings, calm nature-filled days and walks in the abundant woods around us.  To keep that picture of God's beautiful creation in my mind and aim for it in my daily life.  To enjoy what He has entrusted to me and resolve to grow closer to Him and it

Life easily gets hectic and I put pressures on myself that I don't need to.  Burdens that Christ never intended me to carry.  I do hope to live more simply and love more deeply. 

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!  Live the life you've imagined! ~Thoreau

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  1. You've written some really wonderful words to live by! It's kind of like blooming where you're planted. I definitely put burdens on myself that don't/shouldn't be there. Sometimes it's just a matter of over-extending myself.
    And, I definitely need to spend less and use what I have!! I tend to do retail therapy...and then have buyers remorse afterwards. =(

    ...just a few ideas to make your dream of Squam come true...
    -maybe a garage sale of crafty things that you
    don't want anymore
    -a "Squam" jar...just putting change in there
    when you have extra change in your purse
    -Maybe make a quilt and raffle it off? Let
    people know that this is being raffled to
    FULL-fill a dream that you have.



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