Thursday, February 2, 2012

I heart fabric

I recently challenged myself to "fast" 30 days without buying fabric for myself.  This was torture at first (hello mega sales!).  But then I felt myself being completely turned off by the thought of even "window shopping" online.  I actually lost interest in researching the upcoming lines.  I decided to organize the many lovely fabrics I already have and discovered so many that I had forgotten about. 

And then day 32 came.  There was a sale.  I have the complete collection of Hope Valley except for two.  And here they were!  On sale!  So the fast came to a screeeeching halt as I snatched up my remaining fabric before I could talk myself out of it.  I'm glad I did it.  It was about $4/yd which is completely unheard of.

So now Round 2.  Back on the wagon.  My new challenge is to not buy any new fabric for me until Flea Market Fancy comes out.  At that time I will attempt to spend every penny I have and hoard all prints.  This could be ugly, folks.

Also coming out... a reprint of Heather Bailey's Freshcut. 

Darn you, blasted fabric!  Why must you be so pretty?! 

These were the first two fabric lines that got me back into sewing about 6 years ago.  When my life was turning upside down and I wasn't sure where God wanted me, I just found this pretty fabric and started sewing.  And somewhere in all that ebay charm pack madness I found myself.  I found something that made me feel useful and talented and happy.  Seeing these prints coming out again is like smelling the ocean and remembering the best vacation ever. 

It's so great to look back now and see how the Lord has used sewing to bring people into my life.  I have met the most amazing people all around the world with incredible stories .  Sometimes they minister to me.  Sometimes we chat.  Every once in a while I actually get to meet up with a client-turned-friend.  I'm so thankful I get to sew for friends and family and working with these lovely textiles makes it even more enjoyable. 

So friends... here's to waiting! 

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