Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Day, Happy Life!

Well it's been about two months so I guess I better get back to blogging!  We've been around and we've been busy (see the super rad travel photo below!).  We had such a lovely time visiting with family.  The kiddies did so well in the car for nearly 12 hours.  Thank you, children.

And of course I've been quilting!  I had the honor of making this really neat tree carving quilt for a wedding gift.  It was a custom order by a girl who saw one on Pinterest (of course!).  It was originally on solid brown fabric but I remembered Joel Dewberry's woodgrain that was perfect for this! 

I had to hand quilt the entire piece (Queen-sized!) because the machine quilting did not show up at all, no matter what color thread I used.  I used Frog Tape and marked out my lines then started the hand quilting in my big quilt hoop.  It took about 4 days and made a big difference.

For the carving, I googled a tree-carving font and downloaded it.  I had a cream-colored fat quarter that had wood-grain lines in it that was perfect for the heart.  This was a very fun project since it was so very different. 

We've celebrated birthdays of all varieties - some many years, some newborn.  This particular pillow was a gift to my daughter's best friend on her birthday.  She picked all the fabrics and even sat on my lap to sew them with me.

The back is so so so cute.  My daughter drew it with the water-soluable pen on muslin then I embroidered it.  We had a timeline!  Otherwise she would have finished it (if we had a year!).

A quilt for baby Madilyn on the way....

Speaking of birthdays... my baby boy turns one NEXT WEEK.  One whole year.  I could go on for a while here as I ooze nothing but love for this baby of mine.  I actually am so thankful for it being a Leap Year which means I got one extra day with him.  I know, it's sick. But he is really a blessing in every way. 

Spring sprung,  Winter returned, and now we're kind of back on track I think.  We've been outside around the clock picking every dandelion in site.  Purples, greens, and yellows are everywhere and it has been an inspiration to me. 

Purples, greens, and yellows for my friend Nancy.  I have never made a quilt with deep purples in it.  I was thrilled to get the email that said "the nursery is purple". 

Also I started up our local chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild!  I expected 5 people at the most.  We had 25 and it was standing room only in the little library meeting room!  I can't wait to see where this will go.  It was such a rush being together with women who were so encouraging and warm and passionate about quilting.  I hope they come back for April's meeting! 

A lot to be thankful for, for sure.  I have been in such a funk for the last six months.  Our neighbors from the progressive dinner party have all moved away!  We miss them so.  We've also said good-bye to other good friends and will be sending off another family very soon as well.  It's been hard. 

I have really taken it hard as I tend to make a few really good friends and keep them forever.  One good thing about living in the city is being in close proximity to people and enjoying the neighborlyness of it all.  Evening chats over the fence, sharing a bottle of wine, helping to move a heavy object... Those kind of things just mean a lot to me and I really hate to see it go.  It's hard to break those bonds. 

So the cycle of life goes... hellos and good-byes.  I'm coming to a good place with it all and have learned a lot about myself in the process.  I know God brings people in and out of our lives and it's ok to hurt.  I think I tried too hard to just be ok with everything all the time and didn't allow myself time to stew.  Or maybe I stewed too long!  I don't know.  But either way I know it's a good day today and I'm so thankful for those that have been here, are here presently, and will be here soon.

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  1. A great post! The picture of you and Nino is sublime. Thanks for being a loving wife, mom, and neighbor.


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