Wednesday, August 29, 2012

10 Busy Fingers

Hello there, dear friends.  We have been enjoying summer and getting outdoors as much as possible.  It's been wonderful.  The days have been hot and sunny and we've tried our best to get out for an hour or more each day.  Would it not be for Charlotte Mason I would not be as intentional as I am today.

 However, this picture-heavy post is mostly about quilts.  Big surprise there, right?  I have had a little time to create a patchwork quilt from oooold Amy Butler charm packs.  It's been on my to-do list for years.  Simple patchwork is always my favorite design.  I love to let the colors and fabrics stand alone and do their thing without getting involved too much.

The back is a little crazy but that's ok.  The front is rather boisterous as well.  I feel it is hip and modern and mixes all those great patterns and colors in a lovely random way.

I did randomly spaced straight line quilting and bound it in Kona Ash.  It's in the shop and feels good to take off my mental list too. 

Miss Amanda got married!  She had an incredible wedding with all things rustic and vintage and straight out of  my wildest dreams.  My wedding (almost 10 years ago!) was similar to this feel but she took it to a whole new level.  I really love the organic, easiness of this quilt.  Burlap, muslin, earth tones... just lovely.

For two years now I've been making my own bread.  Don't get excited.  It was in a breadmaker.  It took literally 5 minutes to assemble and BOOM.  Three hours later we smelled fresh bread.  Nice.  Until it died. The breadmaker, that is.

I have always wanted to make my own bread for the family...  really make it.  But for goodness sake, somebody always needs something.  Well this time I've just decided to go for it.  I do 4 loaves on the weekend and hope it gets us through the week.  So far so good. 

I play a little of this, knead a little dough, and life is good!  The rest of the world can wait while I indulge in some Caroline Ingalls livin'. 

Another quilt... my dear sweet friend wanted to make her boyfriend a tshirt quilt for Christmas.  Yes!  I love that quilts are acceptable gifts among youngins these days.  He must be quite a man to be ok with a quilt.  For Christmas.  There just seems to be so much stress and hoopla over electronics and stuff.  There's an aweful lot of hype out there around the holidays, ya know?  So, I'm extremely touched to have had a hand in this really great gift.

If I do say so myself.

My baby boy.  He's so cute. 

And bedding!  A baby girl is coming in October (not here!) and she is going to have a very wonderful nautical nursery.  I made a fitted crib sheet from Sarah Jane's new line Out to Sea. 

As well as a crib skirt from the same line.  A bumper and quilt will complete the look, but these two are so sweet.  I'm not really a nautical person, but these colors are just adorable and Sarah Jane's artwork is adorable as always.

That's it.  My 10 busy fingers have to make some dinner now.  Thanks for hanging out with me!  I hope you are well and enjoying the last summer days as well. 

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