Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Last Wednesday of the Summer

It rained all day yesterday.  It was glorious.  I sipped tea, made beef stew, and welcomed the slight chill in the air.  Today the sun is shining high and that is just fine.  Autumn and I had a little flirty day together yesterday and I was comforted with the fact that the calendar says she'll be here for a long spell in just a few days. 

Looking at these pictures from our time at a recent late-summer "festible" recall to mind how we were all dripping with sweat and rather uncomfortable walking around the dirt grounds.  Drinking water and perspiring baby in the backpack, trying to distract everyone from the heat of the day...

This certain festible is on our calendar every year.  Horse riding and buffalo burgers don't happen everyday!

I'd go as a little girl and love the nostalgia of it to see my young ladies enjoying the very same things I did many moons ago.  Cloggers, fiddle players, and teepees....  It's really quite an experience.

I so want to do this. 

Anyway, on with the show! 

A custom quilt for Jodi in SoCal.  Her baby girl is growing up and we collaborated on a quilt to keep those special clothing items near and dear.  Memory quilts are so much better than Rubbermaid bins! 

I have also been sewing lots of non-quilty things as well.  It's nice to change it up once in a while.  Some ivory rosette pillows.  Ooooh!  With an invisible zipper closure, these are so soft and delicate.  They really do have a great texture and my little one actually gets very calm petting it.   Weird.

Last post I gave a little preview of the bedding in the works for Florida baby.  Well here it is!  We beat the baby and the bedding has arrived in time to fill her room before she does.  Yay! 

Bumper, quilt, fitted sheet, and crib skirt all from Sarah Jane's Out to Sea line in the Deep Sea Jewel colorway.  Looooove the navy and hot pink together.  Little splashes of red and minty green make for a very interesting nursery.  It's so modern and so chic - what a lucky baby!

This is one cool mama who coordinated all these different prints and colors.  It is so eclectic and colorful!  Can you tell I'm really excited about how this turned out?  Way to go, Florida mama!

The back of the quilt has a little chenille.  I love a chenille backing but baby is in Florida so that might be a tough sell.  So ship wheels, patchwork, and some soft chenille combine to create a cohesive and soft backing.

I had a lot of squares leftover and made up a little quilt kit for sale in the shop

I'm dusting off the slow cooker and digging out the sweaters.  So excited for the upcoming season of bonfires, QUILTS, and apple-picking.  Join me back here for more adventures in the wonderful season God has created for us!

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  1. This sentence.... little one actually gets very calm petting it. Weird.

    has my in hysterics!!!!! You are SO funny.

    Pretty, pretty pillows. I would like to pet them to calm me down before I sleep too.

    Florida bedding is hip. I like!

    16 days.


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