Saturday, October 6, 2012

Maggie's Quilt

 My sweet Maggie Moo has her very own quilt!  My goal was to get it to her before she turned 4 and I am more than a month early.  Go Mom!

I used the entire Nicey Jane line by the lovely and talented Heather Bailey.  This is probably my mostest favorite fabric line EVER.  That's really hard for me to say because gosh, there are oodles of gorgeous fabric lines out there.  But Nicey really does it for me in the bright colors, traditional yet modern design, and overall sweet and chic.

I think she likes it! 

She has asked me everyday for about a year and half if her quilt was done yet.  I'm not gonna lie... I kinda had this slated as a throw for our family room.  But I think the boldness of it really matches her personality so I decided to dedicate to my baby #2. 

I made the square-in-a-square blocks loooong ago.  Like when it first came out.  I bought a jelly roll and a bunch of yardage.  I didn't even want to take the time to think about a layout or I would ultimately decide nothing was worthy of such beautiful fabric.  SO I just plunged on in and made this very simple design as quick as my fingers would work.   It was exhilarating to work with these colors and florals yet after making the blocks, they sat on my shelf for months... years....

I've been so blessed with a lot of custom orders so I didn't get back to work on it for a really long time.  Lately I've had a few days here and there where the orders were light and I decided it was time to knock it out.  With my squeaky wheel (ahem) always asking about it, that gave me the accountability to finish it up in every spare moment I had.

I got it done this afternoon on a long car trip home.  As soon as we pulled in the driveway I literally tied the last knot on the binding.  We flew in the house, up the stairs, and tried it out.  She was all smiles and I was loving every moment.  As I was taking pictures of her, Maggie said "I want to take a picture of the beautiful quilt maker".  Well... ok.  So here is a rare appearance of me. 

Maybe you've seen the article floating around facebook lately:  The Mom Stays in the Picture.  I can totally relate.  Usually it's me behind the lens so it's not necessarily that I dodge pictures but no one else grabs the camera like I do!  And then when my husband does decide to click away, it's usually when I have 19 pimples, two days after my last shower, and in the middle of a discipline situation with a kid.  NOT how I want to be remembered. 

So after reading this essay, I decided that I do want to be remembered for being alive and if I don't start getting in the picture, this may not happen.  So here I am.  Maggie says "say cheese, mommy".

Cheese, sweetie!


  1. Too cute!! Your daughter is truly happy with it!

    I agree with the most inopportune times are when the camera comes out and I am photographed:( Mommy-hood is what it is-lol...:)

  2. I literally just read "Mom stays in the picture" article right before I decided to peek at your blog before turning it in for the night. Love the quilt. Love you more. You look stunning, Momma! xxoo


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