Saturday, January 3, 2009

Admitting a problem is the first step

I wanted to start a blog after being inspired from several other crafty blogs. I've learned so much and hopefully it shows in my work. I've been sewing for over 20 years - yikes, that makes me old - and only recently have I realized how much I truly love it. I consider it an art, and reading these blogs has made me want to be an artist.

The problem with a lot of experience comes my stubbornness. I tend to think I have all the answers or don't want to admit my weaknesses. So hopefully this blog will also help me put it out there that I make mistakes. A TON of mistakes, in fact. I burn bread in the oven. I bond with my seam ripper for hours on end. I put the kids in front of the TV for some time so I can sew "just one more block".

If I'm the only one who ever reads this blog, fine. I think it's the therapy I need. I love making quilts and other useful things. I have some sort of gene mutation where I don't follow directions, am really bad at patterns, get all impatient and do my own thing. Only to have something in front of me with a bajillion mistakes and ... where's my seam ripper? So happy new year, happy new blog. Here's to being honest about my abilities and non-abilities in 2009. I realize for most people, this came with adult hood. But it takes me a long time to learn things since I don't follow directions!

Here is the current quilt I'm working on. I've added the borders and am almost done piecing the back. I've made several mistakes piecing the little squares on the back, have ripped it apart a few times and I think I'm ready to rock now.

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