Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Blue squares quilt

Yay! The first quilt of the year is done! I'm quite bad at naming quilts, so here is the "Blue Squares Quilt". Almost as creative as the Dave Matthews Band! Anyway, unless someone else gives me a better name (not hard to do, I'm sure), it shall be known as such.

Looking at the picture, I'm kinda not liking the clumps of white on the bottom. I never saw this the eleventy million times I rearranged the blocks before sewing them together. I heard a tip once that we should take a picture of the proposed layout, upload it to fancy-schmancy computer program (like Picasa), turn it black and white to see the color deal. I'm sure there is a real word for this, but I am suffering from MMB -- Mushy Mommy Brain -- and cannot think of anything more articulate. Although articulate isn't bad, I'm kind of impressed I came up with that one...
I really like the back. It was my first pieced backing and it was so much fun to make! I'm totally in love with making free style random log cabin blocks. It's an incredible creative outlet for me.

On another note, I have no idea how so many crafty bloggers out there juggle a marrige, home, kids, quilts, and buying fabric. All of these things take a lot of time on their own!! I guess that's why my laundry takes 4 days to get put away and I only Swiffer the floors when I know people are coming over. AND I guess I should be honest and admit that sometimes my teeth don't get brushed until like 15 minutes before hubby comes home. So woo hoo to all my favorite quilting bloggies. You continue to be an inspiration.


  1. Your life sounds like mine. I do the tidy up 10 min before he walks in.. Right now its 2.. Im drinking coffee in my jammies, deciding on what to do next. kids, marriage, home, quilts, scrapbooking.. honestly who has time for cleaning!

  2. I'm trying to find a way to quit my job, still pay my bills, and support my fiber habit because frankly, there are better things to do than work. Not looking too good though....

    I love the Blue Squares!

  3. Thanks, ladies! Keep on quilting!


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