Thursday, October 1, 2009

Finally... October.

Hello, Autumn! You are my mostest favorite time of the year.

This autumn we will be celebrating:




Each and every day is so dear to me. I'm learning to invest in people more and more. I'm trying to step outside of my comfort zone, take risks, develop relationships. It can be very hard for me to initiate a conversation or spend that extra time listening to another mom share a story. You know, we're all busy, right? I really think the Lord wants me to slow down and get real.

Isn't that what sipping hot beverages is for? :)

My goal this fall is to have lots of backyard cookouts and invite neighbors over for smores, game nights, or whatever. It's time to reach out while staying in.

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  1. I support you in your goal. Family and friends are so important and they are the lasting memories you will take into senior years. We still share good times with friends of 40+ years and follow what their children are doing.


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