Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A new beginning

I'm trying to get better at working on one project at a time instead of 725 half-projects laying around. So now that the Picadilly quilt is done, I will focus on this project.
A box of clothing worn by a loving husband, father, coach, and friend who passed away from cancer last year. I've had the box for a while now trying to get the design right, but mostly getting the courage to cut into the various shirts and pants without falling apart emotionally. I tend to obsess about each quilt at the beginning anyway, but this is worse. I have been procrastinating terribly. I think I'm afraid of something less than totally knock-your-socks-off perfection. I didn't even know this man, but his wife has become a friend through the magic of the interweb. She is also a sister in the Lord and so I just want to make this memory quilt the best I can.
Hopefully tonight is the night I can officially get started.
I have laid out the clothing by colors - blues, blacks, a little red plaid and yellow stripe - hoping that would speak to me in terms of design. We decided the square in a square like AmandaJean's quilt. Which is great because that is totally my style too.
I have the interfacing ready. That way I can start with the sleeves and smaller parts of the shirts, fuse the interfacing, and work to the larger areas of the clothing as I gain momentum.
It's a very special project that will be more enjoyable once I get over this initial hurdle of paralyzing fear!

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